Congratulations to the newly elected 7 members of SMDM CUSA’s Board of Trustees during the organization’s year-end business meeting yesterday at Langhorne, PA. Attended by The Executive Team & concurrent members of the Board of Trustees, chaired by Wilma T. Yu and hosted by Mr. & Mrs. Romy Viray.

The meeting’s highlight was the election of the new Board members. Unanimously selected to serve in SMDM CUSA’s Board of Trustees for the next term of three years are the following:

Mr. Romeo Emmanuel I. Viray
Mr. Nepthali De Jesus
Mr. Sammy S. Santiago
Mr. Raul J.Sinaguinan
Mr. Larry Santiago
Ms. Salve Delacruz
Atty. Alfred Tecson, Esq.

This in-coming Board of Trustees will nominate and vote for the next set of The Executive Team when this current set of Officers’ term expires at the end of 2012.

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